Susan McGarvie

With over 20 years’ experience spanning across organisational development, training, coaching and mentoring, including supporting numerous postgrad students with their research, Susan knows how to develop a first-class dissertation.

Beyond education and training, Susan has also been involved in numerous management roles within the healthcare and NPO sectors, giving her a uniquely integrated perspective.

Quick facts

  • Methodology: Qualitative (primary) and mixed methods (secondary)
  • Methods: Interviews, focus groups, qualitative data analysis, thematic analysis, content analysis
  • Typical research areas: Social sciences, psychology, management, health care, palliative care, nursing science.


In the academic world, Susan has been involved as a lecturer (psychology), involved in course and exam design and assessment, both online and offline. She has coached numerous students through their dissertations and theses, and has even published her own book, De-Stress your Dissertation: A Mindful Approach to Mediating the Rigours of Post-Grad Research (available on Amazon).

In the business world, Susan has worked as a Clinical Study Coordinator at the Wits Health Consortium, as a Palliative Care Development Officer, and subsequently as the District Technical Advisor at the HPCA (in partnership with USAID). She has also been extensively involved in her own private coaching and counselling practice, where she has provided holistic, person-centred coaching and counselling based on current positive psychology, adult learning and mindfulness principles.

Susan’s unique blend of academic and business experience means that she can add tremendous value to students undertaking both traditional academic and more applied degrees, across both the private and public sector.


Susan completed her BCur Nursing Science at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, followed by a Honours in Psychology at UNISA. She then went on to complete her M.Phil (Palliative Medicine) at the University of Cape Town, followed by her PhD (Psychology) at Rhodes University. Additionally, she completed the University of Witwatersrand’s Management Advancement Program.

Susan’s eclectic mix of studies across multiple institutions, combined with extensive management experience, provides her with a unique cross-functional perspective.

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