You’ve booked a call with your chosen Grad Coach tutor – great! What next, though? This post will walk you through the process, from joining to downloading a recording of your session for easy, anytime review.

First things first: Booking types.

There are two types of bookings you can make – tutoring sessions and document reviews.

Tutoring sessions are interactive audio/video calls (your choice), where you and your tutor discuss whatever you need help with in real-time. Document reviews, on the other hand, are time slots allocated to reviewing work you send us (e.g. an assignment or dissertation chapter). When you book a document review, your tutor will spend that time reviewing, marking-up and commenting within your document, and then email you the marked-up document for you to review as and when it suits you.

Why does this matter? If you book a tutoring session, you need to attend (online or by phone). If you book a document review session, you just need to send us your document before the agreed time slot.

Connecting with your tutor.

When you make a booking, you will be sent an email with full details and a meeting request/calendar entry. If you don’t receive this within 5 minutes of booking, please check your junk/spam box. Failing that, drop us an email.

You always have two options:

  1. Meet online (using your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, tablet, etc)
  2. Call-in (using a normal phone line)

Meeting online is recommended as it allows us to share screens, files, etc in real-time. However, if you’re on the go and only have a phone, we’ve still got you covered.

Option 1 – Meeting online.

To meet online, simply click the relevant tutor’s link in the confirmation email (see example below):

If you’re not sure who your tutor is, check the subject line of the confirmation email – the tutor’s name is always included there. Make sure you select the correct tutor – if you don’t, you’ll just be waiting around in an empty meeting room.

Option 2 – Calling in.

Prefer to go old-school? No problem. To call in, you’ll need two things:

  1. Our local telephone number
  2. Your specific meeting ID

We have local numbers in 20+ countries, so you should be able to find a number in your country that doesn’t cost a small fortune to call. Click here to view our numbers.

Once you’ve found your nearest number, you’ll just need your meeting ID, which you’ll find in your confirmation email (surprise!).

Call in, enter your meeting ID and you’re set. Again, make sure you’ve got the right ID, or you’ll find yourself waiting around in vain…

Downloading your recording.

All paid tutoring sessions are recorded and provided to you for easy review. Can’t remember what your tutor said about “that thing” – just hit replay. To download a copy of any session, simply visit your client dashboard and look for the download link alongside the respective debit entry.

Note that it can take an hour or two for this to update. If you don’t see the link, email your tutor and they’ll send it over.

Have a problem?

If you have any issues connecting, simply email your tutor or our helpline address and we’ll get you connected pronto.

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