Henley MBA Target Mark Calculator

At Grad Coach, we work with a LOT of Henley MBA students. Over the years, we’ve noticed that many students want to know what marks they need in order to achieve a specific target mark – usually either Merit or Distinction. So, we’ve created an Excel sheet to help you do this 😁

Download The Excel File

What does it do?

The spreadsheet allows you to work out what marks you need to achieve for future assignments, based on your current marks and factoring in weightings for each assignment,exam and stage. You can play around with different combinations to see what you need to in order to achieve a specific mark – for example pass (50%), Merit (60%) or Distinction (70%).

How does it work?

There’s no rocket science here – it’s a simple spreadsheet with basic formulas that apply weightings to your existing marks (and estimated future marks) to calculate a total score. You could easily piece this together yourself – we’re just saving you the time.

To use the sheet, you just need to enter your current marks and the relevant weightings (you can get this from your program handbook, available in Blackboard). The weightings included by default are for the flexible executive MBA program – but be sure to double check your program handbook. Once you’ve done that, you can play around with different combinations of marks for the remaining assignments to see what marks you need to achieve your target mark.

How do I get it?

That’s the easy bit – just click here to download it.

I have a question or suggestion…

Great – please email us on hello@grad.coach.


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