Qualitative Data Coding, Simplified.

Sitting with piles of interview transcriptions (or other qualitative data) and dreading the time-consuming task of coding it all? Grad Coach can take care of that.

What does this service involve?

Our qualitative data coding service takes the time-consuming task of coding off your plate, allowing you to focus your time and effort on analysis, interpretation and writing. Simply provide us with your interview transcriptions (or have us transcribe them for you) and we’ll take care of the coding, in line with your research methodology.

How does it work?

While every project is unique, the process is typically as follows:

We provide the coded data to you in Word format, so you can build onto the existing coding structure as you wish. Your thinking will likely develop as your analysis proceeds, so it’s quite natural for your coding structure to evolve.

Can you do the qualitative analysis for me?

The short answer – no. Qualitative research requires the researcher to play an active role in the analysis, and your interpretation of the data is key – so we can’t do this for you. We can assist you with the analysis process on a coaching basis (i.e. provide guidance and feedback – see more details on this here), but the analysis work must be your own.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the length, quantity and complexity of the interview data. As a rough indicator, the full coding process typically requires about 2 hours per interview (but we must review all interviews to develop a structure). You can view our hour pricing here.  

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