Research Design & Analysis Coaching

Struggling to pin down your research design or flesh out your analysis?
Grad Coach offers 1-on-1 coaching to help you produce a high-quality analysis.

What does this service involve?

Our research design and analysis coaching service is designed to help you develop a high-quality piece of research for your dissertation or thesis. We guide you step by step through the design, data collection and analysis phases of your research project to ensure you develop a strong piece of work.

While every research project is different, aspects we typically assist with include:

  • Developing an appropriate research design and methodology
  • Designing an appropriate data collection approach (e.g. interviews, surveys, etc)
  • Choosing an appropriate sampling strategy
  • Guidance on cleaning and/or coding of fieldwork data
  • Helping you understand, analyse and interpret the data
  • Helping you summarise your findings and draw conclusions
  • Providing you with in-depth, critical feedback and actionable feedback on every chapter

How does it work?

Naturally, every research project has different requirements. Therefore, we start by first having a (no-obligation) discussion with you about your intended research and specific requirements. Based on this, we develop and propose a plan of action to ensure that your research is completed to specification and on time.

Can you do the analysis for me?

It depends on what your university allows. Typically, students are allowed to outsource statistical analysis (quantitative analysis). However, qualitative analysis usually has to be done by the student themself, as the researcher’s involvement is central to this type of analysis. Therefore, for qualitative projects, we offer interview transcription and data coding and theming services, but cannot do the actual analysis.

How much does it cost?

Our coaching services are priced on a time basis. You can view the current rates and packages here.

How do I get started?

Simply complete the form below, or book a free, no-obligation consultation here.

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