Standard terms & conditions.

This page details the standard terms and conditions of engagement with Think Digital Limited (trading as Grad Coach International), Hong Kong business registration number 2904310.

By engaging with Grad Coach International, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Confidentiality and copyright
    1. Any material that you provide to us will be treated as strictly confidential. Should you wish to sign a non-disclosure agreement, we can arrange for this.
    2. Similarly, your relationship with us will be treated as strictly confidential. We will not disclose your use of our services without your express permission.
    3. Copyright of any material that you create/author remains yours.
    4. Copyright of any material that we create/author remains ours.
  2. Purchase of hours/hour bundles
    1. All packages/bundles are prepaid. We do not offer credit terms.
    2. Packages/bundles are valid for a period of 12 months from purchase. Thereafter, they will automatically expire.
    3. All purchases are strictly non-refundable. You may not claim a refund for unused hours.
  3. Nature of services
    1. We provide student guidance and support services, which take the form of tutoring, mentoring and coaching. We do not provide assignment or dissertation writing services, or any other services that may be considered academic misconduct.
    2. We cannot guarantee the achievement of a specific mark or set of results. Naturally, this is dependent on the quality of work that you produce.
  4. Billable time
    1. We bill for all time spent in our engagement with you. This includes, but is not limited to Skype calls, document reviews, email correspondence and so forth.
    2. The only time not billed for is time spent on purely administrative tasks. For example, coordinating meetings/calls, updating your account, and so forth.
    3. For document reviews (whether for dissertations or assignments), we will spend the amount of time required to review the work accurately, as opposed to the specific amount of time booked using the booking system. For example, if you book a 1 hour session to review a full proposal (which requires multiple hours), we will spend (and bill for) the required time, provided we have the capacity on the day. Please ensure that you are familiar with the typical time requirements for various activities.
    4. No-shows are billed at 50% of the appointment value. For example, a no-show for a 1-hour tutoring session is billed for 30 minutes.
    5. Cancellations or changes made less than 1 business day before the appointment are billed at 50% of appointment value. Note that this means a Monday booking cancelled on Saturday or Sunday will be charged at 50%.
  5. Format of services
    1. By default, all services are rendered by email, phone, Skype or Zoom conferencing. We record all sessions and provide these to you, free of charge, for reference purposes.
    2. Should you wish to meet in-person, travel time and fuel expenses will be charged for. In-person services are limited to certain cities and tutors. We cannot guarantee availability of in-person services.

These terms and conditions may be updated by us from time time without notice. This page will always display the most current terms and conditions. Should any of these terms and conditions be unclear, please contact us for clarification.

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